Bumbu (Lake, Cattails, Water Lily, Fish, Heron , Girl and Ducklings SET)

Learning together is always so much fun! Each day Mariuca takes her duckling on a walk to the lake. The ducklings learn the road to the lake and Mariuca learns the beauty of taking care of animals, it will be a lesson that will serve her well and a memory she will always cherish.

Sometimes we learn life’s biggest lessons by giving, not taking.

Caring for animals and enjoying nature is one of the lessons we are never too young to learn. We should all learn to treasure the beauty of protecting and nurturing the world we live in.

The lake with girl and ducklings is a puzzle that will engage your heart and your mind. Let’s give the children around us the opportunity to learn our values while playing with our wee ducklings and solving puzzles that will captivate even the quickest minds.


The set consists of 9 items:

  • Puzzle Lake (10 pieces), size (length x width x height): 29cm x 19.5cm x 2.5cm
  • Rush, size (length x width x height): 5cm x 1.3cm x 9cm
  • Water lily, size (length x width x height): 5cm x 4.5cm x 2.6cm
  • Trout fish, size (length x width x height): 4cm x 0.5cm x 1.5cm
  • Gray Starch, size (length x width x height): 6.5cm x 2cm x 9cm
  • Walking face, size (length x width x height): 6.5cm x 3.3cm x 10cm
  • 3 x goose chicks, size (length x width x height): 2.5cm x 1.3cm x 2.5cmRecommended for children between 3 and 99 years old.


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