Ostheimer 3pc grass

This 3 piece set of Ostheimer wooden grass will be central to so many stories and scenes: a meadow, busy farm or your local park. All the grass blades are different heights, just like real grass. A set of 3 different lengths: 11.5cm, 7.5cm and 4.5cm

Sheep, cows, rabbits, zebras, reindeers (and more!) can all munch of this luscious green grass. You can add plants and flowers to create a beautiful garden scene, or small animals like mice can hide behind it.

It’s brilliantly realistic looking, as the natural wood grain enhances its organic nature, with the green non-toxic paint matching that recognisable grass green. This is perfect addition to your Waldorf toy collection, and is sure to be used in multiple ways in their creative play.

Suitable for children over 3 years.
Made from sustainable hard wood, painted with non-toxic water based paint and finished with organic oil.
Lengths: 11.5cm, 7.5cm, 4.5cm
Ostheimer have been making Waldorf wooden figures for generations with a desire to craft toys that inspire children to play freely and explore the world with all their senses. Each Ostheimer wooden figure is made in the traditional way by hand at every stage, sawn, sanded, painted and oiled. With these figures children can create imaginary worlds re-enacting scenes from their own experiences or conjuring fanciful worlds filled with exotic creatures and tales of wonder. All Ostheimer toys are made from local sustainable hardwood, painted with safe transparent paint and finished in organic oil to ensure a connection with nature and respect for the environment. Ostheimer are considered the quintessential maker of Waldorf wooden figures, their range is extensive so there is something for everyone.


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