Raduga Grez

Raduga Grez Toy car Color coal

Cars are simple but cool toys that develop, entertain and teach children to play on their own. They train the coordination of movements and give the baby the first idea of ​​what physics is and how the use of force sets objects in motion.

Tactile, not heavy, but possessing the correct “wooden” weight, such machines develop fine motor skills – fingers and palms are massaged during the game. This relaxes the child, harmonizes him, helps to cope with active growth and development.

Games with cars are the first training of the imagination. Do you think that from birth we all know how to “revive” objects with the power of thought, to speak “BBC” and “Trrrr” for them? No, this will have to be learned, and it is just simple open toys that make no sounds – the best teachers.

We made cars cute and soulful – they have recognizable, slightly vintage silhouettes and nice, deep colors. These toys bring up sensitive, creative children with a delicate artistic taste and a craving for noble minimalism.


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